Anonymous asked:

What causes the price to be so expensive? (not in a bad way im just curious)

beastlies answered:

It’s a fair question (when asked nicely), and it’s one that artists get a lot (though often asked not so nicely).

Pricing your art can be one of the more stressful parts of the job, especially when that art is your sole or main income.  There are a few main factors to consider:

First, materials.  Pretty basic logic there. How much did you spend to assemble the materials necessary?

Second, time. You basically have to work out what would be a good hourly wage for your work.  If you spend a bajillion hours on something, that has to be taken into account when you price it.

Third, knowledge/experience/expertise. This is the weird nebulous part of pricing.  You have to consider all the hours of practice, refinement, failures, and development that goes into each piece and your style and skill overall.  Magweno put it well in a response to someone on DA:


Original art is expensive.  I actually had the Gubbin bases cast in resin because it means I can charge $125 for them instead of the higher price I would need to charge if I’d made each one from scratch without that base.  I had initially been hoping to sell each for a bit less, but I got too wrapped up in doing extra details on the paint job, so the hours I invested started to lengthen a bit.

Anyway, I hope that helps!

Well said, ladies! 

Photo experiments and finished grizzly. I drew the trees in photoshop, just simple silhouette shapes, but the tiny paper size limits the angles that work so I’m printing off a much larger background so I have more room and distance for pictures, especially for the larger things I make. Also going to mess around with layered paper cutting to see if I can come up with something neat for the backgrounds; hills or something, we’ll see. In other news, I’ve started a new pattern~ Pictures soon.